The Challenge

We are at a critical point in US Military History.  Our competitors have embraced emerging technologies and allocated billions of dollars toward projects that, if successful, will give them an asymmetric advantage over the US Military.  This advantage is known as the third offset.  The first offset was created during the cold war when the United States was able to reduce the size a nuclear bomb to the size of a football, making it possible to launch on the tip of rockets.  After our competitors caught up, we found a second offset in the 1970s by focusing on conventional munitions with near-zero miss, precision-guided weapons and the joint battle networks that employed them.  The key drivers to this strategy were information technologies and the digital microprocessor that changed the game in terms of sensors and the weapons carried by our platforms.

The third offset is out there.  It is time to challenge the status quo of our Military Industrial Complex to be more innovative, disruptive, and look not to incrementally improve outdated weapons platforms, but to let in competition that will force radical innovation that will create our next offset advantage.

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